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Antigua Cruz Tequila New Design


During 2010 Mexico’s Tequilera de Arandas company chose the Buenos Aires-based Tridimage design firm to completely redesign Antigua Cruz tequila’s structural and graphic packaging for a global audience. The previous squat, square bottle had been used by other tequila brands, which deprived Antigua Cruz of differentiation and unique positioning, and the label design was not competitive in the current international tequila market.

Tridimage created a glass bottle structural design with premium personality, standing out from the competition by using sophisticated and expressive resources of high visual impact. The new screen-printed graphics introduced a new icon and a logo redesign that conveys the polarity between classicism and modernity. The structural and graphic design of the new presentation case plays with the bright-vs.-matte opposition on the surface finish.

“By keeping the graphics to a minimum, you achieve a great integration of graphics and bottle,” explains Hernán Braberman, principal at Tridimage. Braberman believes the bottle strikes a perfect balance of traditional moods and contemporary aspirations. The design also leaves the back of the bottle clear, moving the product information to a side panel.

The angular shape and neo-Gothic font logo convey an accessible premium personality while borrowing design sensibilities from the perfume and cosmetics categories. The coffin-box-back paperboard case is assembled with a tabbed design that doesn’t require glue, overprinted on foil with spot UV varnish.
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