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Authentic Tequila Celebrations in Mexico


Authentic Tequila Celebrations in Mexico – December 2013 and  January 2014.

The annual “Cabalgata” with Tequila Don Pilar to the Highlands of Jalisco.

For the first time ever, the public is invited to two unique, traditional celebrations in Tequila Country. (Tours are arranged and managed by Experience Tequila)

In December, we will take a lucky group to the town of Tequila for the village fair, and in January we will take another lucky group to the Highlands of Jalisco for the annual “Cabalgata” with Tequila Don Pilar. Care to join us? See below for details!

Early December is Tequila town’s annual village festival – think of a county fair, Mexican style, in the heart of Tequila Country.

We offer our standard four-day “Welcome to Tequila” tour, with the added bonus of the Feria every night, without adding anything to the cost. Each night the celebration ramps up in intensity with castillos y toros (“castles and bulls” – pyrotechnics that will drop your jaw and would never be allowed in the US), parades, roving bands, carnival games and, of course, plenty of tequila.

After many years of personally celebrating the Feria, this is the first time we are offering it as a tour. We anticipate a big response, so please check out the details and register today at this lnk!

In another first, we are honored to be joined by Tequila Don Pilar (and brand owner Don Pilar Contreras himself) in opening a favorite traditional Highlands festival to you.

The Highlands are best known for three things: tequila, horses and beauty queens. A Cabalgata is a celabration bringing together all three in a re-enactment of religious pilgrimages that take place throughout Mexico all year long.

Fans of Don Pilar and/or horse riding in particular will not want to miss this in-depth and intimate chance to participate in the festivals of three Highlands villages. Check out the details at this link!

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