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National Tequila Day, July 24th


National Tequila Day, July 24th is just around the corner.  Here are some comments and links about National Tequila Day.


Oak barrels (baricas) for aging tequila at Casa Herradura – San José del Refugio, Amatitan, Jalisco. JAT-October 2007 – DSC_3395 – D2X

29 Genius Ways To Consume More Tequila
July 24 is National Tequila Day, and you really shouldn’t celebrate on an empty stomach.

There are many national holidays. Some are very serious and somber, some are silly and wacky and some are just plain delicious. National Tequila Day (July 24th) is the latter. It’s a day where we as a people can all come together and celebrate all that is Tequila.  Read more here:
In honor of National Tequila Day, check out some of the most enlightening (and impressive … our country is nailing it on the tequila consumption) tequila facts.

  1. Americans consume over 50 million liters of tequila yearly.
  2. There are a surprising number of tequila-related Guinness World Records, including Largest Tequila Tasting Event, Most Varieties of Tequila On Display, and Most Expensive Bottle.  From Huffington Post 2013:
or those of you currently suffering withdrawals from the large amounts of alcohol chugged over the 4th of July weekend, never fear! Tequila Day is here! Oh yes, it’s real.

And there’s nothing better than a couple of shots (or eight) to tide you over until Labor Day weekend, right? But we’re not celebrating how amazing the world tends to look after a couple of swigs of this Mexican elixir, (ok well at least that’s not ALL we’re celebrating). Instead, today we raise our glasses to a North American first: Tequila, the first native-born distilled spirit.

Six cocktails for National Tequila Day
July 24th is National Tequila Day, which is not to be confused with National Margarita Day (Feb. 22) or Cinco de Mayo (duh). In the interest of this vital holiday, we’re encouraging you to get out and drink a tequila cocktail that’s not a margarita or a simple shot of something. Here are a few of our favorites: Read more at

Three Cocktails You Should Drink to Celebrate National Tequila Day
Oh, tequila, tequila. You remind us of the fun times and the…um…sometimes terribly hungover times. Either way, a great cocktail wouldn’t be delicious without you. It’s National Tequila Day, so here are three cocktails you need to try!
Read more: National Tequila Day 2013 – Tequila Drinks | Visit us at

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