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Agabe Tequilana Productores Y Comercializadores
Tequila Distillery - Jesus Maria, Jalisco, Mexico

Agabe Tequilana is a company rich with experience and tradition in both, the cultivation of agave and the production of fine tequila. During the late 19 century our great great grandfahter, Don Pedro Camarena, pioneered the widespread growth of agave in the region of Jalisco, México, known as "Los Altos" likewise, his tavern in Acúmbaro, a district of Jesús María, Jalisco, became the distillery of tequila in the area.

After five generation, we continue to follow a traditional style tequila production process preserving the original techniques used over a century ago. Today, we are proud to offer a smooth, 100% agave tequila that is part of our family heritage.

Distillery: El Olvido, Jésus Maria, Jalisco - NOM 1079 | DOT 118

This distillery produces the following brands:
Regimiento, Hotel California, Torrente, Diablo, Caminante, El Olvido, Oro Azul, Texas, El Tajo, 1921, Mi Maria Bonito, Aha Toro, Aha Yeto, Herencia Mexicana and Don Alejo.

cooked agave hearts in adobe oven - agabe tequilana
old stone tahona in the processing area of agabe tequilana
copper alambique used at agabe tequilana in los altos
raw agave hearts - horno - adobe oven - agabe tequilana
Unloading oven (horno) after the agave has been cooked and cooled.
An old stone tahona, no longer used, still remains in the processing area.
Traditional copper alambique used to distill mosto into tequila.
Raw agave hearts, cut in half, are loaded into adobe ovens to cook.

Agabe Tequilana Productores Y Comercializadores, S. A. de C. V.
Rincon De Los Ahuehuetes123, Col. Rinconada Del Sol
C.P. 45055. Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Tel: 3-124-3506
NOM 1079 | DOT 118
http://www.agabetequilana.com/ (link does not work)

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