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Heaven, Earth, Tequila

Un Viaje Al Corazón de México

HEAVEN, EARTH, TEQUILA: Un Viaje al Corazón de México features the work of award-winning photographer Douglas Menuez, who over the past four years has created a stunning body of images that explore the cultural side of tequila and of México itself. This photographic journey of discovery began when Menuez and his Mexican-born friend Andrés Zamudio traveled to the little-known town of Tequila to document the ancient techniques for making tequila. By: Douglas Menuez. Note: Book Description – FROM THE PUBLISHER.


They thought they knew México, but came to reach a much deeper understanding of the extremely complex history and mestizo culture of the Mexican people. The book reveals the ongoing Aztec traditions from which tequila was born, from the history of the agave plant to how its most famous product became a symbol of Mexico, and in doing so, offers the reader a unique glimpse into the soul of this fascinating country.

From the Author
This project will donate all of its publishing proceeds to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Author’s web site:

Heaven, Earth, Tequila, Viaje Al Corazón de México.
Publication Date: September 2005
ISBN: 0976680106
Format: Hardcover, 192 printed pages
Language: English
Publisher: Waterside Publishing
List Price: $39.95 (Amazon and Barnes & Noble – October 2005)

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