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Jose Cuervo Reserva La Familia 2014

Enrique Rosas – Artist – 2014 Collection – Extra Añejo

The 19th installment of the limited-edition handcrafted wooden box collection is adorned with the artistic styling of Enrique Rosas.

Enrique Rosas work explores the connections between art, science and technology. And thus, if rescues Renaissance ideals of a world that is not only perceived but also projected from the eyes. In his work, Rosas links scientific studies on matter and the language of programming with other, more esoteric, fields related to “archetypal memory.”All of his pieces are organized around the dialogue between binaries such as observer-observed; individual-colective; natural-artificial; micro-micro; and past and present. Through these binaries he creates a tension and a strong contact among architecture, sculpture, and database mechanisms, incorporating the methodology of art into the development of scientific knowledge. 

Rosas pieces manifest in various media: from drawing, sculpture, video installation to 3D printing and stereoscopic and tentacular imagery and he develops specific technologies for his artistic exploration.It is no coincidence that Rosas was formed as an architect. His education, linked with his familiar relationship to the world of cinema (from his great-grandfather down to his father), colors his work with a multidisciplinary hue. In this way, the spectators become—justas the artist himself—the makers of their own materials and imaginary.Since 1998, Rosas Has Investigated computational synthesis in his Works. He arrives at this synthesis, first intuitively, and then as he integrates it into his practice. He discovers out that since the Middle Ages people have been referring to this kind of synthesis as Quadrivium. The Quadrivium manifests the same phenomenon in different expressions: Mathematics, Geometry, Music and astronomy, as does Rosas work.  Text courtesy Jose Cuervo

In addition to various collaborations with many artists in America, Europe and Asia, and from his exhibitions, as an artist, Rosas still works as the first Biomimicry company in Paris, in collaboration with the European commission on biomimicry.For over two decades, Enrique Rosas has been a pioneer in digital media, particularly in data capture and manipulation, as well as 3D fabrication and he focuses these technologies in artworks that exist in various formats as public art, or as pieces within institutions as well as private collections. The leitmotiv in his polymorphous work is an open invitation to awaken the profound memory of what it means to be human-what it means to be alive.


2014 Collection 
José Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
Enrique Rosas – Artist
750 ml Bottle and Slide-Top Box 
NOM 1122 – DOT 113
Casa Cuervo, S. A. de C. V. 40 percent Alc. Vol.

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