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Jose Cuervo Reseva de La Familia 2013

Carlos Aguirre – Artist – 2013 Collection – Extra Añejo

The 18th installment of the Jose Cuervo Reseva de La Familia 2013 limited-edition handcrafted wooden box collection displays the artwork of Carlos Aguirre.

Carlos Aguirre is one of the founders of contemporary art in Mexico and one of its foremost figures. Installation art and experimentation with different materials have been a constant priority in his career. In recent years he has been devoted to language,exploring and putting in evidence the ambiguity of the language we are exposed to everyday. He analyzes the distance between words and their meaning, discourses of different social groups, such as political, religious or drug lords. He is, in many ways, a social activist whose immense collection of printed matter give him a safety valve in his exquisitely conceived objects and installations.

He is currently working with complex installations which include digital resolutions and experimentation with lighting; he is also working on a vast series titled “islands”, that coincides with his main project language. Taking advantage of daily works by the Roma neighborhood he photographs the multiple cracks in  walls and then turns them into art: digital prints of invented geographic islands and oceans. Names of capital cities and towns, phrases euphemisms and slangs belonging to his text collection appear. The words generality come from national newspapers and the New York Times and are meticulously recorded in notebooks that the artist treasures.His solo projects include National and International Museums such as: Museo de Arte Moderno, Laboratorio Alameda; Exteresa Arte Actual; MUAC National University Contemporary Art; MACG Carrillo Gill Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS); UAM, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana; ENA, Escuela nacional de Arte Plástico; Celda Contemporáneo, Antiguo Palacio del Arzobispado; La Torse de los Vientos, México City, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, CO. He has represented Mexico in different Biennales, such as Paris, Soo Paul and Havana, obtained the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 994 and is Currently a members of the National System of Creators of the Fondo National Para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA, México). box.
Text courtesy Jose Cuervo

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2013 – Collection – 18th in the series
José Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
Carlos Aguirre – Artist
750 ml Bottle and Slide-Top Box 
NOM 1122 – DOT 113
Casa Cuervo, S. A. de C. V. 40 percent Alc. Vol.

Some images shows the brochure front and the top of box.
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Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Tequila