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Cava Don Anastacio

Tequila Quiote - Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco, Mexico

This premium and multi-awarded tequila is produced in Atotonilco with the finest agave of the Highlands of Jalisco. Of an exceptional and unique taste, this tequila comes with a beautiful semi-handcrafted bottle which symbolizes the pride of a man, Don Anastacio, for his community.

Made with 100% state grown mature Blue Weber Agave Tequilena grown naturally in the highlands of Jalisco.

Every Agave plant is carefully pick after 7 years by measuring the sugar contain and only those that meet the highest sugar content and standards are harvested.

After the Agave plants are harvested they are slowly cooked in adobe ovens by a natural steam process that takes about 32 to 42 hours to complete.

Cava Don Anastacio
cava don anastacio tequila blanco
cava don anastacio tequila blanco
cava don anastacio tequila reposado
cava don anastacio tequila añejo

Tequila Cava de Don Anastacio Blanco: Color: intense brilliance and transparency. Bouquet: agave aroma is highlighted. Taste: smooth taste of agave. After taste: fragrance of agave.

Tequila Cava de Don Anastacio Reposado: 8 Months rested in White American Oak Barrels. Color: brilliant golden yellow. Bouquet: agave, fruity hues and the wood taste of white oak barrels.Taste: mild and balanced. Aftertaste: fragrance of agave and fruits

Tequila Cava de Don Anastacio Anejo: Aged for 18 months on White American Oak Barrels. Color: luminous and crystalline ambar. Bouquet: fruity aroma, prune, apricot and the wood taste of white oak barrels. Taste: balance between the agave and the fruity hues. Aftertaste: fragrance of fruit and wood.

Tequila Quiote, S. A. de C. V.
NOM 1433 - DOT 148
Extramuros 502, Col. San Francisco de Asis,
C.P. 47750, Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco.
(391) 931-7080, 931-7640, 931-7641

Guadalajara Office:
San Martin de Porres #3441, Col. Jardines de los Arcos,
CP 45040 Guadalajara, Jalisco
Phone: +52 (333) 123-0517

E-mail: info@tequilaquiote.com | Internet: http://www.tequilaquiote.com/
tequila quiote - atotonilco el alto, jalisco

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Cava Don Anatascio - Tequila Quiote - Los Altos de Jalisco