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Chinaco Tequila

Ultra-Premium Tequila Made of 100% Agave

The Original Super-Premium Tequila. In 1983, Chinaco® was the first distillery to launch an ultra-premium tequila made of 100% agave, handcrafted, and packaged in unique, artisan bottles.
Today, Chinaco® Tequila is still produced in limited quantities with the same standards and bottled in replicas of early hand-blown glass tequila decanters.

When a tequila of this quality became available outside of Mexico for the first time, it took US drinkers by storm and demand outpaced production with other distillers quickly following the lead of Chinaco®.

chinaco blanco tequila - early bottle
chinaco tequila reposado
chinaco tequila añejo
chinaco negro extra añejo tequila
Chinaco Blanco
Not Aged

Chinaco Reposado
Aged 8 months

Chinaco Anejo
Aged 3 years

Chinaco Negro
Extra Anejo - 5 years
Lot #17 - Bottle 106 / 660

Chinaco Negro Extra Anejo Released

Chinaco Extra Anejo is set to be released in early 2007. The long-awaited first release will be Lot 15, which will only be 480 bottles. The mystery of Chinaco Negro is in the deep alluring colors of this rare year old 100% agave Tequila. Lost in the cellars of the Chinaco Distillery, were 12 casks of old Tequila of which 7 casks as worthy of bottling under the exclusive label Chinaco Negro. Each cask will be bottled as a single cask selection and assigned a special lot number. In addition, each bottle is numbered and signed by German Gonzales. A select few may remember a Chinaco "Muy Añejo" among the imports in the early 1990s. That tequila had a black label and spent more time in the wood than its other green labeled anejo. For years now the standard Chinaco line has been comprised of 3 products. The Blanco, Reposado, and the Anejo. This 5 year anejo continues Chinaco's tradition of excellence. Collect the entire series, and marvel at the complexity and differences in each cask.

The Mystery of Chinaco® Negro is in the marvelous complexity and deep, alluring colors of this rare, 5 year old 100% Agave Añejo Tequila. Lost in the cellars of the Chinaco Distillery were 12 casks of aging Tequila, 7 of which were chosen by Master Distiller German Gonzales as worthy of the distinction: CHINACO® NEGRO. Each bottle represents an individual cask selection, and this extraordinary 5 year old is labeled with the unique lot 15 and is signed by German Gonzales. Collect the entire series and unravel the mystery!


We set aside this specially bottled tequila more than seven years ago, in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of Chinaco. Distilled, bottled, and aged with the true tequila connoisseur in mind. Chinaco Emperador reveals a rich bouquet and complex depth, equilibrium and style.

There are very few bottles available!
Size: 750ML    ALC. VOL: 40%
chinaco emperador 30th anniversary tequila

Chinaco Tequila
NOM 1127 - DOT 110 - Tequilera la Gonzaleña, S.A. de C.V.

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Chinaco Tequila - Ultra-Premium Tequila Made of 100% Agave