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Tequila El Conquistador

Cavas Vamer, S. A. de C. V - Guadalajara, Jalisco

EL Conquistador  Blanco Tequila
Made in Mexico from the finest 100% blue Agave, El Conquistador Blanco is placed in oak barrels before bottling. Its clean crisp flavour make it an excellent choice for margaritas and other cocktails, or straight with or without salt and lime. Packaged in an elegant hand blown bottle.

EL Conquistador  Reposado Tequila
Rested in oak barrels for a minimum of 7 months before bottling, El Conquistador Reposado is one of the finest Tequila's Mexico has to offer. Made from 100% blue Agave, the clean crisp flavour is enhanced by an aroma that hints of vanilla. The finish is rich and smooth.  Packaged in a beautiful hand blown bottle.

EL Conquistador  Añejo Tequila
With a leisurely stay in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months before bottling, EL Conquistador Anejo is clearly at the top among the world's premium Tequilas.  Made from 100% blue Agave,   this Anejo features a rich, aromatic bouquet, spicy well balanced flavour, and a long, slightly sweet finish. Packaged in a one of a kind hand blown bottle.

El Gran Conquistador Extra Añejo Tequila
Aged five years. Hand painted bottle with presentation case.

El Gran Conquistador - Extra-Añejo
el gran viejo añejo tequila
Aged 5 years

El Conquistador
El Conquistador
El Gran Conquistador
Reposado - Ceramic
tequila el conquistador reposado clear bottle
tequila el conquistador reposado blue bottle
el gran conquistador tequila - reposado - ceramic
Piña de Agave Ceramica

Distillery listed on the CRT as of July 2012
Corporativo Destileria Santa Lucia, S.A. de C.V. - NOM 1173 - DOT 115
Avenida Plan De San Luis2122 Int 3 Col.Chapultepec Country
C.P. 44620. Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tel: 3-897-1623

Distillery listed on CRT.org prior to approximately 2011
Cavas Vamer, S. A. de C. V. - NOM 1488 - DOT 208
Sierra Leona 1945 Col. Independencia CP 44379
Guadalajara, Jalisco |
Tel: 3-699-2694

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Tequila El Conquistador - Cavas Vamer - Guadalajara, Jalisco