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Fina Estampa Tequila

Un Tequila Artesanal - 100% de Agave, Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico

Tequila Artesanal de Los Altos and Oregon Parts would like to introduce to you one of the finest top-shelf tequilas that has just been imported into the United States.

We here at the Fina Estampa family are very proud of our 100% agave tequila.  From the quality of the tequila down to our unique bottle, that is labeled by hand and topped off with a genuine cork and wooden top.  We hope you enjoy Fina Estampa and know with every purchase you will taste the finest tequila Mexico has to offer.  We strive to maintain the quality of excellence so we may allow you, the customer, the opportunity to enjoy our 100% agave tequila and give Fina Estampa your stamp of apporval...

Fina Estampa started when one of the owners of Un Tequila Artesanal, who was and still is today working as one of the main agave buyers for other well-known tequila manufacturers in Mexico, set out to create his own tequila. He combined his years of experience in the purchasing and grading of quality agave, along with the many years of experimenting with different tequila formulas to create one of Mexico's finest tequilas.

Fina Estampa
Fina Estampa
Fina Estampa
tequila fina estampa blanco
tequila fina estampa reposado
tequila fina estampa añejo
Rested for 60 days
in stainless steel tanks
Aged for 8 months
in oak barrels
Aged for 18 months
in oak barrels

Fina Estampa Tequila
NOM 1436 - DOT 156
Tequila Artesanal de Los Altos, S.A. de C.V.

OREGON PARTS - US Distributor
11080 Portland Rd. Salem, OR 97305
phone (503) 792-3647 | fax. 503-792-6647

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Fina Estampa Tequila - Un Tequila Artesanal - 100% de Agave