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Hornitos Tequila

100% Puro Agave Tequila - Jalisco, Mexico

Though all tequilas are made from the flesh of the Blue Agave (in order for them to claim they are tequila), Hornitos is different - dare we say better - because Hornitos does not try to hide the true agave flavors or our tequilas, we preserve it.

There are two categoies of tequila. Tequila 100% de agave" or "Tequila 100% puro de agave" which is produced using only the sugars from the Weber blue agave; and "Tequila" which is made using 51% agave sugars and 49% other sugars, often called "mixto".

From inventing a unique way to make our agave-robust Reposado, breaking the rules to create a crystalline Plata and going above and beyond tequila statdards to make an ultra smooth and aromatic Añejo - everything we do has agave flavor and your taste buds in mind. When it comes to creating pure agave tequila, we've yet to meet our match.

Hornitos Tequila Bottles - 2011 presentation

hornitos plata tequila - 2011 bottle presentation
hornitos reposado tequila - 2011 bottle presentation
hornitos añejo tequila - 2011 bottle presentation
Plata - 2011
Reposado - 2011
Blanco - 2011

100% Agave
100% Agave
100% Agave
sauza - hornitos reposado tequila - 2007 bottle
sauza - hornitos reposado tequila - early bottle
hornitos plata tequila - 2009 bottle
Reposado - 2007
Reposado - Early Bottle
Blanco - 2009

Hornitos Tequila
Distillery: Tequila Sauza, S. A de C. V. - NOM 1102 - DOT 88
Avenida Vallarta 6503, Col. Ciudad Granja C.P. 45010
Guadalajara, Jalisco | Tel: 3-679-0600

Website: http://www.hornitostequila.com/

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Hornitos Tequila - 100% Puro Agave - Jalisco, Mexico