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La Cofradia Tequila - Distillery Tours

Distillery Pictures - Amatitán, Jalisco, Mexico

La Cofradia has been producing and bottling Tequila for more than 50 years. This is an article about the tour available at the La Cofradia distillery and museum.

A more authentic tequila distillery tour

La Cofradia distillery offers free tours, which include a complimentary tequila-tasting session. The museum charges a nominal fee to offset its costs.

In one memorable Simpsons episode, Bart's class takes an intolerable tour of a box factory. Many tequila distillery tours deliver the same level of excitement, taking tourists through run-of-the-mill facilities, which if not for the mind-numbing intoxicants being produced, would never draw attention. Some even charge steep admission fees for the privilege.

blue agave plants in tequila, jalisco, mexico
courtyard at la cofradia located in tequila, jalisco, mexico
agave piñas or pineapples stacked in front of an oven waiting to be cooked
Acres of Blue Agave plants in the fields at La Cofradia, in Tequila, Jalisco
The courtyard at La Cofradia distillery located in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
Agave hearts (piñas) or pineapples stacked in front of one of 3 ovens.

La Cofradia offers something a little more. The compound, located on the road between the Autopista and the Tequila centro, exudes a rustic charm and estate-like setting. Busloads of tourists mingle with the factory workers, gardeners and management, leisurely touring the cellar, distillery, on-site museum and art gallery.

"We've been trying to put in an ambiance here, something different from the typical distillery," said Jose Hermosillo Brooks, founder of the Casa Noble tequila brand.

The distillery offers free tours, which include a complimentary tequila-tasting session. The museum charges a nominal fee to offset its costs. Hermosillo said tourists are welcome anytime, but suggested arriving before 5 p.m.

To be fair, Mundo Cuervo, a monstrous facility in the Tequila centro offers a slick setting with a fancy cantina, audio-visual presentation and art gallery - for a fee. Sauza also has some interesting murals and a pleasant garden, where it gives tasting sessions. La Cofradia, however, offers something - in the opinion of this multiple-time visitor to Tequila - a little more inviting and a lot more authentic.

To arrive at La Cofradia's distillery from the Autopista, take the first right after crossing the railroad tracks and follow the bumpy road for about one kilometer.

Source: Guadalaja Reporter - http://www.guadalajarareporter.com/
Story by : David Agren - 31 December 2005

La Cofradia, S. A. de C. V.

Calle La Cofradia s/n, Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
Phone: 01 (374) 742-1015; 01 (374) 742-2523

Website: www.tequilacofradia.com
La Cofradia - Tequila, Jalisco
Office in Guadalajara
Mariano Barcenas #435, Col. Centro
Guadalajara, CP 44200, Jalisco, Mexico
Phone: (333) 614-0126 and (333) 614-1782
Direct line, English speeking: (333) 658-0403 (from USA & Canada dial 011 52 first)
Fax: (333) 614-2613 - Attn: Carlos Monsalve or Luz del Carmen Velasco

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La Cofradia Tequila - Distillery Tours - Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico