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Introducing Cabo Uno - Un Perfecto Tequila by Cabo Wabo

One of the world's finest Ultra Premium Tequila Brands adds to its family of
fine tequilas what many are considering the best tequila ever made.

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CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO (March 11, 2007)
Already known as one of the world's ultra premier Tequila brands, Cabo Wabo introduces a new and exclusive Tequila - Cabo Uno Añejo Reserva. Sammy Hagar, owner of Cabo Wabo, is proud to offer consumers this limited and unique Tequila.

Cabo Uno is the result of a rare event – nature’s elements and human craftsmanship converging at a precise moment to create perfection.

The Rivera family, Cabo Wabo’s sole producers who have been making quality Tequila for over 80 years, agrees – “once in a great while a perfect Tequila comes along, a numero uno. Cabo Uno is such a Tequila.”

The Weber Blue Agave used to make Cabo Uno came from the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico, just above the town of Tequila. In 2001, a small plot of Weber Blue Agave plants was selected at their prime for age and sugar/acid ratio. The ‘piñas’ were slowly steam-roasted in brick ovens and processed for distillation. “We started to see the quality of this small batch of Tequila after being distilled for just the first time. The character and richness of the agave and the region came alive in that first tasting. We were careful to make perfect cuts during the next distillation as we knew we had something special.”

Following the second distillation, the family and Sammy realized they had the makings of a perfect Tequila. Small, charred American white oak barrels were selected to impart just the right amount of wood character into the Tequila. Each month they tasted its progress. At the thirty-eighth month the product had flawlessly married with the oak, and the Tequila was set aside to preserve its essence until bottling.
cabo uno - tequila añejo reserva

Sammy Hagar has been associated with the Rivera family for over a decade. He is intimately involved in developing standards of quality with all his Tequilas. When Sammy tasted “Uno” after one year in the barrel he said, “This may be the one.” An additional twenty-six months of aging took this Tequila from “the one” to Cabo Uno.

Due to its thirty-eight month aging process and the rarity of such an ultra-premium Tequila, Cabo Uno will only be available in limited batches. Once this batch is gone, consumers will have to wait for the next batch worthy enough to carry the Cabo Uno name. “Perfection takes time,” explains Hagar. “Sip it slowly. Savor every moment.”

The final challenge was to create packaging worthy of Cabo Uno. Meat and Potatoes, the design firm who’s worked closely with Sammy on Cabo Wabo’s identity over the past six years, once again found inspiration from Sammy’s vision to create Cabo Uno’s packaging. The distinctive lead-free crystal bottle design sets it apart as a unique product. Housed in a hand-made leather and wood box, the bottle comes sealed with a cork for shipping along with a crystal stopper for proper keeping after the first sip. Each bottle of this limited edition Cabo Uno is numbered to earmark its allocated status.

Tasting notes: On the palette; an aroma of herbs and fruit with elegant flavors of chocolate, caramel and roasted coffee. An exceptionally smooth finish with a hint of wood, makes Cabo Uno ideal for slow savoring.

About Cabo Wabo

Cabo Wabo Tequila was created by Sammy Hagar originally to have superior Tequila to serve to his friends and in his Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sammy Hagar linked with a small Mexican Tequila maker, the Rivera family, who had been in operation since 1937. Cabo Wabo is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and comes in four different types including Reposado, Blanco, Anejo and now Uno. It is acknowledged as one of the finest Tequilas made today. Cabo Wabo continues to win top competitive tasting awards, recently receiving a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

About Sammy Hagar

Sammy is a professional rock and roller, restaurant owner, vintage car collector, gourmet chef, and Tequila connoisseur with a passion for quality in everything he does. Sammy’s accolades include the journey as singer and songwriter for Van Halen for 11 years, a highly successful solo career both before and after his run with Van Halen, and an early stint with Montrose and now a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductee. Throughout his accomplished career, Sammy's combined record sales, when considering the above resume, exceed 60 Million records sold! As founder of the most rockin’ club in the world (the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) and producer of one of the truly premium Tequilas in the world (Cabo Wabo Tequila), Sammy has established himself as an astute and extremely successful entrepreneur.

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Introducing Cabo Uno - Un Perfecto Tequila by Cabo Wabo