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News Releases, Articles and Press about Tequila

Page Three - News Releases, Articles and Press about Tequila from various sources including The Guadalajara Reporter, Condé Nast Traveler, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Cabos Magazine, LosCabosGuide.com, Intake Weekly, and Travel and Leasure Magazine. TequilaSource.com

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Dos Lunas Grand Reserve Sets New Standard for Luxury Tequila - 05 November 2007 (El Paso, TX) – Dos Lunas Tequila today announced the launch of Dos Lunas Grand Reserve, an Extra Añejo that breaks new ground in the luxury tequila category. Dos Lunas Grand Reserve is not only the world’s first commercially available tequila to be aged over 10 years (in sherry oak casks), it is also the only tequila to be bottled in hand-blown, individually numbered Baccarat decanters.

Tequila Los Abuelos announces their new label name
FORTALEZA, for the United States market. October 31, 2007
Tequila FORTALEZA, or Fortitude, the same excellent Los Abuelos tequila, made with the artisan traditions handed down for five generations, is now named after their historic distillery,

Tequila Valley boom and bust - CBC News Article by Connie Watson - October 22, 2007
Sixty-year-old Anacleto Romero holds out his calloused hands and points to a couple of small black spots embedded in his fingers. "Those are agave thorns under my skin," he says. "Most of them work their way out, but these two never have." Romero doesn't let the thorns slow him down.

New tequilas pour forth to meet rising popularity.  Distillers are on a production binge.
By Laurence Iliff - The Dallas Morning News. October 12, 2007.

Cabo Wabo Tequila to Sponsor Rock Tour
Gruppo_Campari's Skyy Spirits-owned Tequila brand Cabo Wabo, founded by Van Halen guitarist Sammy Hagar, will sponsor the rock star's upcoming US tour. October 3, 2007

Satellite Entrepreneur Stumbles Into Tequila Investment. Hoernig is a 50 percent partner and chairman of the board for Casa Noble. n May, Hoernig became a 50 percent partner and chairman of the board for Mexican tequila manufacturer Casa Noble. Aug 24, 2007 - by Melissa Frederick, The Examiner.

When is a Tequila no Longer a Tequila? August 17, 2007.
William M. Dowd Reports And Comments On Distilled Beverages.
I've been posing that question to various people in the tequila field for the past year as more and more tequila makers introduce aged spirits that have been matured in anything from used bourbon barrels to cognac casks to wine barrels. The latest discussion was with Carlos Camarena, third-generation head of Tequila Tapatia which manufactures the El Tesoro line.

La Ley del Diamante … The Diamond Sterling
The first Tequila Bottle in the World valued at 1 Million Euros
- July 20, 2007
Now, one year later, after arduous work on the design, we have fulfilled our pledge and have the honour of presenting you with “The Diamond Sterling…..” the very first and unique bottle world-wide with an estimated value of 1 million Euros.

El Tesoro 70th Aniversario Extra Añejo Tequila - July 02, 2007
On Saturday, July 7, 2007, we’ll reach an important milestone in the history of El Tesoro — 70 years of making tequila the authentic way at La Alteña Distillery. Aged for seven years in white oak American bourbon barrels,
this limited-edition "Extra Añejo" offers a rare tequila experience.

The First Rose-Colored Tequila - LaRosa from AsomBroso - June 18, 2007
LaRosa from AsomBroso is like no other  reposado, or tequila to date. To become LaRosa Reposado the 100% Agave silver is rested in relatively new French Oak casks that were previously used to make a vintage Bordeaux wine.

Partida Elegante Extra Añejo Tequila Set to Debut at Aspen Food and Wine Classic
June 4, 2007, NEWPORT BEACH, CA — Partida Tequila Elegante, an extra añejo tequila aged more than 36 months in American oak, will debut at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic’s ‘Ultimate Agave: Mexico's Ultra Premium Tequilas’ seminar led by Steven Olson, one of America’s leading spirits experts. 

Mexicans torch tequila fields for ethanol boom corn
29 May 2007 21:32:03 GMT - Source: Reuters By Frank Jack Daniel
MEXICO CITY, May 29 2007 (Reuters) - Mexican farmers are setting ablaze fields of blue agave, the cactus-like plant used to make the fiery spirit tequila, and resowing the land with corn as soaring U.S. ethanol demand pushes up prices.

Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Tequila Acquired by Gruppo Campari/Skyy
Luxury Tequila Line to Go Global SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2007 /PRNewswire/ -- Skyy Spirits announced today that they will join professional rock and roller and tequila connoisseur Sammy Hagar in expanding his world class tequila line of Cabo Wabo.

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