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Para Mi Tequila

Produced only from 100% natural blue agave plants of Jalisco

Para Mi Tequila is authentic tequila, produced only from 100% natural blue agave plants of Jalisco. Refusing to add artificial additives Para Mi Tequila is 38 percent alcohol by content and 76% proof, representing the purest and truest Tequila, just like those that the citizens of Mexico have been enjoying for years.

Para Mi Tequila is deliberately producing and importing the world's first authentically diluted tequila and is intent on capturing the unique flavor of traditional homegrown brands. Destined to become the flagship of all tequilas, Para Mi Tequila invites you to experience the newest and finest Tequila ever introduced to this region of the world. A single taste of Para Mi will incite the passion inside you and leave you uttering the phrase "This Tequila is truly Para Mi".

Para Mi Tequila
1240 East Locust Avenue, STE 208
Ontario, CA 91761
Office Telephone: (909) 930-5603 | Fax: (909) 930-5605

Distillery: Cia. Tequilera la Quemada, S.A. De C.V.
NOM 1457 - DOT 172

Email: support@paramitequila.com
Website: http://www.paramitequila.com/

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Para Mi Tequila