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Tequila Reference Books and Magazines - Sources

Reference Sources for books about tequila, mezcal and pulque.

Several of the books about tequila listed here were found in bookstores in Mexico. Search Barnes and Noble - BN.com and Amazon.com - they have several of the books I have shown here. Some of the Spanish language books are available from US suppliers such as www.mexgrocer.com and others. A search on eBay also shows a good selection of books about Tequila.
book - tequila - the spirit pf mexico - 2004 edition

Book - Hola Tequila! - Ninety Creative Cocktails and Inspired Shooters - 2012 edition
Hola Tequila! - Ninety Creative Cocktails and Inspired Shooters

by Colleen Graham
Photographs by Shannon Graham

Size: 6" x 8.5"
Pages: 128 pages; 75+ color photos
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1-4162-0691-0
Sug. Retail: $15.95

Hola Tequila! celebrates the unique and festive Mexican distilled spirit that is tequila. Its spectrum of flavors present a unique canvas for the 90 mixed cocktail and shooter recipes that are included in the book—many developed by the author—and will inspire readers to take a new look at this complex spirit.  
Author Colleen Graham’s enthusiasm for Mexico’s national drink is refreshing, literally. Using local, home‐grown, and easy-to-find ingredients, Graham includes recipes for inspiring infusions that naturally complement the liquor and her use of fruit, herbs, and spices has been described as magic. Featuring gorgeous full-color photography, the book features information on stocking the home bar, the different types of tequila, its history and culture, and production. Graham has served as the cocktails, mixology, and bartending expert for the New York Times’ Web site, About.com (Cocktails.About.com) since 2006. During her time as the Cocktail Guide she has developed a wealth of knowledge about finely crafted cocktails and mixed drinks. She is also a nationally certified bartender and has studied with some of the best bartenders in the world. As a tequila “ambassador,” she develops original cocktails for companies such as Hiram Walker and has visited numerous distilleries to learn the process of producing alcohol. Graham resides in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

It will be available in bookstores and gift shops nationwide and through Sellers Publishing's Website, www.sellerspublishing.com.
book - heaven, earth, tequila - un viaje al corazón de Mexico - 2005 edition
Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje Al Corazón de México

Douglas Menuez

Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: September 2005

ISBN: 0976680106
Format: Hardcover, 192 printed pages
Language: English
Publisher: Waterside Publishing
List Price: $39.95 (Amazon and Barnes & Noble - October 2005)

Book Description - FROM THE PUBLISHER
HEAVEN, EARTH, TEQUILA: Un Viaje al Corazón de México features the work of award-winning photographer Douglas Menuez,

who over the past four years has created a stunning body of images that explore the cultural side of tequila and of México itself. This photographic journey of discovery began when Menuez and his Mexican-born friend Andrés Zamudio traveled to the little-known town of Tequila to document the ancient techniques for making tequila. They thought they knew México, but came to reach a much deeper understanding of the extremely complex history and mestizo culture of the Mexican people. The book reveals the ongoing Aztec traditions from which tequila was born, from the history of the agave plant to how its most famous product became a symbol of Mexico, and in doing so, offers the reader a unique glimpse into the soul of this fascinating country.

From the Author
This project will donate all of its publishing proceeds to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Author's web site: www.heavenearthtequila.com

book - tequila - the spirit pf mexico - 2004 edition
Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico

Preface by Carlos Monsivais, Michael Calderwood (Photographer), Enrique Martinez Limon

Format: Hardcover - Revised Edition - 2nd Edition
Publication Date: October 2004

ISBN: 0789208377
Format: Hardcover, 184 pages
Pub. Date: October 2004
Publisher: Abbeville Press, Incorporated
Edition Description: Revised Edition - 2nd Edition
List Price: $39.95 (B&N - August 2005)

Versions available in English or Spanish.

From the Publisher - ABOUT THE BOOK - Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico
Long considered a lowbrow liquor, tequila today is one of the fastest-growing beverages in the world, and the growth is decidedly upscale. An entire tequila culture has developed not only throughout Mexico but in sophisticated restaurants and bars all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo. Despite this trend, little has been published about tequila and its origins, varieties, and method of production--until now. In this delightfully visual book, author Enrique Martínez Limón takes the reader on a fascinating anecdotal journey through the history of tequila, complete with information about how it is grown and produced, and descriptions of its legends, heroes, songs, and artistic manifestations. The lively text is enhanced by Michael Calderwood's beautiful photography and the specially commissioned artwork. This revised edition includes a new chapter on mezcal, a "first cousin" of tequila that has been attracting a great deal of attention in recent years with high-end and single-village bottlings coming onto the market. The final chapters provide recipes for tequila-based cocktails and for dishes using tequila, as well as professional ratings of more than a hundred brands, extensively updated for this edition.

book - tequila - the spirit pf mexico - 2004 edition
Tequila: The Spirit of Mexico

Preface by Carlos Monsivais, Michael Calderwood (Photographer), Enrique Martinez Limon

Format: Hardcover - 1st Edition

ISBN: 0-7892-0621-8
Format: Hardcover, 184 pages
Pub. Date: October 1998
Publisher: USA - Abbeville Press, Incorporated
Publisher: Mexico - Revimundo, S. A. de C. V.
Edition Description: First Edition
List Price: $39.95 (B&N - August 2005)

Versions available in English or Spanish.
The edition shown above is the most recent and revised edition.
La Historia del Tequila, de sus Regiones y sus Hombres

By: Rogelio Luna Zamora

Publisher: Consejo Nacional par a Cultura y Las Artes

Edition: 1991

Format: Paperback; 304 printed pages
ISBN: 968-29-2831-1
Language: Spanish

Price: $8.00 usd (August 2005, Mexico D. F.)
book - la historia del tequila, de sus regiones y hombres

magazine - book - maguey - artes de mexico
Artes de Mexico - Maguey

Publisher: Artes de Mexico
Edition: 2000
Revista Libro Numero 51,
Format: Softcover; 96 printed pages
Language: Spanish with English traslation
Price: $18.00 usd (August 2005, Mexico D. F.)
Dimensions: 8.75" x 12.5"

book - tequila mezcal y pulque - lennart blomberg
Tequila Mezcal y Pulque: Lo Autenico Mexicano

Lennart Blomberg

Paperback: 314 pages
Publisher: Editorial Diana, S. A., Mexico;
Edition: 1st edition (August 1, 2000)
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9681332695

book - classic tequila by ian wisniewski
Classic Tequila

Ian Wisniewski

Format: Hardcover, 192 pages
Publication Date: March 1999
Publisher: Prion London Motti Medea Books
Dimensions: 7.5"H x 5"W x 1"D; 0.85 lbs.
ISBN: 1853752967
List Price: $19.95 (May 2005)

Book Description
Distilled from the heart of the agave, a cactus-like plant from the Mexican plains, tequila is a true classic spirit, as central to Mexican culture as whisky is to Scottish traditions. Barrel-aged and blended tequilas--with their herby, spicy aroma and subtle oily texture--have a complexity to rival cognac or malt whiskey.

Classic Tequila guides the reader through the rich culture and far-reaching history of the drink. There are tasting notes and histories from classic brands like Cuervo and Sauza to aged and reserve specialties and little-known gems; classic cocktail lore; foods to accompany tequila; recipes for cooking with the spirit; plus a guide to tequila bars and destinations in Mexico and around the world. A classic companion to the drink of the desert.

book - mesa grill guide to tequila
Mesa Grill Guide to Tequila

By: Laurence Kretchmer, Zeva Oelbaum (Photographer)

ISBN: 1579120105
Format: Hardcover, 192pp
Pub. Date: April 1998
Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.

The ultimate guide to Mexico's popular liquor, this book unlocks the mysteries of the blue agave plant and answers all the questions and subtleties regarding the different grades and labels, the regions and methods of production, and the best ways to prepare and enjoy tequila food and drinks. 140 color photos.

Book Description
The ultimate guide that covers the history, production, appreciation and use of tequila with every major variety, covering over fifty brands with seventy-five cocktail recipes, tequila-based appetizers, main courses and desserts.

About the Author
Zeva Oelbaum is a New York-based still life and food photographer. Her work can frequently be seen in The New York Times Magazine, House Beautiful, and many other magazines and books.

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Tequila Reference Books and Magazines - Sources