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Tequila Reserva de Los González

100% de Agave Azul, Jalisco, Mexico

Tequila Reserva de Los González is more than just a tequila company, it represents the past and the future of an entire family dedicated to creating premium tequilas for Mexico and the world. Reserva de Los González Directors, Eduardo González and Francisco González, took time to talk with distinguished guests and members of the press when they presented their tequila at Thierry´s Prime Steakhouse in Puerto Vallarta.
reserva de los gonzales tequila reposado
Their company has more than 60 years producing this type of mezcal made from blue agave tequilana weber plant, also known as maguey in Mexico.

Tequila Reserva de Los González
Tequila Casa de Los González, S. A. de C. V.
NOM 1518 - DOT 234
Avenida de La Paz 2190 Col. Obrera Centro C.P.44140
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tel: (333) 344-8045
Website: http://www.tcdg.com.mx/

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Tequila Reserva de los González - 100% de Agave Azul