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Tequila Semental

The Next Generation - Jalisco, Mexico

Semental, 100 percent blue agave Tequila, is crafted in the Jalisco region of Mexico. Semental is an ultra premium brand, crafted for a new generation of consumers … for those who prefer to savor this Spirit of Mexico. Semental tequila is triple distilled.

Tequila Semental was founded by business entrepreneur Efrain Lopez in 2007, whose aim is to produce only the highest quality Tequila, while using the most modern equipment. Efrain Gurza has also accomplished his dream of the highest quality tequila by introducing only new American oak barrels into their Reposado program, and new Hybrid French and American Oak barrels with their Añejo Tequila Semental program. This allows for the most delicious Tequila flavors to be brought forth from the purest oak
barrels. Tequila Semental has created an impressive niche for artisan Master Distiller and blender Valente Arellano L.C.Q, within the Tequila industry.

History - Inspiration Behind the Name:

In ancient times, land owners protected their agave fields with the bravest and most powerful bulls: SEMENTALS.
Considered the leader of its breed, SEMENTAL roamed the valleys adorned with agave plants, while watching over
this gifted land. Proprietor Efrain Lopez Gurza’s experience with a Semental bull in his youth gave him a deep
respect for the Semental, and believes that a SEMENTAL is a prefect icon for his tequila: Tequila Semental, a taste
of leadership for the next generation.

Silver (Blanco)
Tequila Semental Silver bottle presentation 2011
Tequila Semental - Reposado bottle presentation 2011
Tequila Semental - Añejo bottle presentation 2011
Not aged
Aged over two months in new white American Oak barrels, medium toast
Aged over one year in new hybrid French Oak and American Oak

Tequila Semental
Jalisco, Mexico

NOM: 1522 - DOT 236
Distillery: Hacienda de Oro, S.A.de C.V., Amatitan, Jalisco.
Region: Lowlands - Central

Website: http://www.tequilasemental.com/
Tequila Semental - The Next Generation

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Tequila Semental - The Next Generation