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Solorzano Tequila

Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico

The True Suave of the Blue Agave
The production process of Solorzano Tequila begins when the basal offshoots of Agave tequilana Weber, blue variety, are planted. It takes from seven to nine years for the agave to mature and for its sugars to settle. We bake the agave hearts in a brick and stone oven, the baking was traditionally done in brick and stone ovens that worked by means of vapor injection, in a process that lasted between fifty and seventy-two hours. Once cooked, the agave hearts are cut into small pieces which are pressed to extract the agave juice, the extracted juices drain into vats and then pass through pipes into formulation tanks (where blended tequila is made) or fermentation tanks (for the production of Solorzano Tequila 100% agave tequila). The fermentation took place in large stainless steel vats where water, wild yeast are in the agave juices. Once the normal fermentation process has concluded and the must has achieved an alcohol content of five to nine percent, it is allowed to sit for several hours before it is piped into the alembics or stills.

The Distillation is the process by which the application of heat and pressure separates the fermented juices into alcoholic products (tequila), the distillation is done in copper and stainless steel alembics. With distillation, the tequila alcohol content is increased and undesired components are eliminated, producing tequila blanco or silver tequila, and has an alcohol content of about 40% Alc. by Vol.

Solorzano Tequila
Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico

Distillery: Metlalli, S.A. de C.V. - NOM 1419 - DOT 139
Km. 11 Carretera a El Salvador s/n, Col. Chome, C.P. 45380. Amatitan, Jalisco  

Office in Guanajuato, Mexico - Phone: 01-462-626-8087

Importer: Single Barrel Spirits LLC
114 West Drew, Suite 3, Houston, TX 77006
Tel 713 528 5555 | Fax 713 528 5557
Email: alfonso@singlebarrelspirits.com
Website: http://www.singlebarrelspirits.com/

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Solorzano Tequila - The True Suave of the Blue Agave - Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico