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Spirit of Jalisco - Tequila Distillery Tours

Valley of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico

Join us for a tour and live it all: artisan Tequila distilleries, jimadors (agave farmers) harvesting the blue agave, and colonial pueblos including the town of Tequila itself!

On our tours, you'll see it all: walking down cobblestone colonial streets, meeting jimadors (agave farmers), enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine and hospitality, and of course, tasting Tequila with Master Distillers and our expert guides. Expect early mornings, exquisite tastes, tons of knowledge, and the finest Tequilas available to man!

After leading industry groups through Tequila country for years, during May 2nd – 5th, 2013 Spirit of Jalisco will host its first public tour of the Valley of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. This four day, three-night trip will take guests to some of the most celebrated distilleries in the region, including those of brands such as Fortaleza, Casa Noble, Tres Agaves, and Herradura.

Website: www.spiritofjalisco.com

Spirit of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tours
Spirit of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tours
Spirit of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tours

On a typical tour, guests fly into Guadalajara and spend time in the Town of Tequila where they will taste a variety of premium Tequilas produced by some of the most venerated craft distilleries in the region. The trips will provide a truly authentic experience with walks through agave fields, conversations with jimadors (agave farmers) and Master Distillers, visits to family-operated distilleries, traditional regional cuisine - and of course - the finest Tequilas known to man. In sum, guests will taste all that the Valley of Tequila has to offer.

The tours demonstrate Spirit of Jalisco’s passion and commitment to educating consumers about the true craft of Tequila. “We all fell in love with Jalisco and the Valley of Tequila many years ago,” says Clayton Szczech, Spirit of Jalisco’s Director of Tequila Experiences and holder of a Double-T certification for excellence in Tequila education and Tequila tourism from Tequila’s Regulatory Council. “Our tours allow us to share insiders’ access to the amazing people, traditions, landscapes, and flavors that come together to produce premium, 100-percent agave Tequila.”

To ensure an amazing guest experience, Spirit of Jalisco has partnered with The Cabo Agency - one of the foremost tour operators to Mexico - which has successfully led guided tours all over Mexico for more than 20 years. Spirit of Jalisco packages can be purchased for individuals or groups. The Tequila tours are perfect for bachelor’s parties, weddings, custom tours, and more. Standard land package rates begin at $995 and include everything you will need once on the ground:  

Spirit of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tours
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Spirit of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tours

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Spirit of Jalisco Tequila Distillery Tours - Tequila - The Spirit of Mexico