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Tequila Brands

Names, Trademarks, Companies and Brands of Tequila - Page Three

This list of tequila brands is only a partial listing of 1,324 brands (marcas) available on the market today. As of 29 April 2013, there are 154 registered tequila distilleries producing 1,269 certified brands. The number of brands and distilleries (fabricas) has increased steadily over the past few years. The records from Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) dated April 21, 2006 only listed 104 registered tequila producers with 711 certifed brands.

Idustrializadora Integral del Agave S.A. de C.V. - Tequila Buen Amigo and Tequila Don Alvaro. Dirección: Périferico Sur 7750, Col. Santa Maria Tequepexan, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, México, C.P. 45160 | Tel: +52 33 3134-4050 | Fax: +52 33 3134-4051 | http://www.iideaweb.com/
Impulsora Rombo, S. A. de C. V. - Tequila distillery in Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico
Jarro Viejo - Destiladora La Barranca, S. A. de C. V. Tepatitlán, Jalisco. www.jarroviejo.com.mx
JB Wagoner's Ultra Premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits - produced in Temecula, California. Latest web site is found at http://www.drinkjbw.com/ | Original web site http://www.jbwagoners.com
José Cuervo Reserva de la Familia - Photographs of the collectible boxes. Each bottle is handmade, numbered, dated and seal
ed in wax. Every year the Cuervo family commissions a different Mexican artist to design the new collectible box.

José Cuervo Tequila - Started by Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo in 1758 with a land grant from Spain. In 1795 Jose Maria Guadalupe Cuervo was granted an exclusive permit to produce mezcal wine from the town of Tequila. www.cuervo.com
K-tzal Tequila - Distillery: Metlalli, S. A. de C. V. | NOM 1419 | DOT 139
La Cofradia Tequila - Producing and bottling Tequila for more than 50 years. Currently the 7th largest exporter of Tequila in Mexico. www.tequilacofradia.com
La Cofradia Tequila Distillery - Photographs from the distillery in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.
La Cofradia Store - Distillery store located in Cabo San Lucas
- full line of products
Las Varitas - Distillery: NOM 1529 - DOT 245 - Agaveros Y Tequileros Unidos de Los Altos S A
Ley 925
- NOM 1479 - DOT 195 - Hacienda La Capilla, S.A. De C.V. http://www.ley925.com
Leyenda del Milagro - Distillery: NOM 1420 - DOT 134, Industrializadora de Agave San Isidro, Jalisco, Mexico. Made from 100% estate grown, hand-selected, blue agave, combined with a careful aging process. www.milagrotequila.com
Los Abuelos - Artisan hand-crafted, stone-crushed tequila. Jalisco, Mexico. www.losabuelos.com
Los Azulejos - Agaves Procesados S.A. de C.V. http://www.tequilalosazulejos.com/
Los Generales - Cia. Tequilera Los Generales, S. A. de C. V. http://www.losgenerales.com.mx/

Los Valores Tequila - Compañia  Tequilera  Los  Valores  S. A. de C. | 100% Agave Azul Tequilana Weber, Jalisco, Mexico. Distillery: Cia. Tequilera Los Generales, S.A. de C.V. - NOM 1486 - DOT 203
Mañana Tequila - NOM 1414 - DOT 129; Distillery: Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, S.A. de C.V.
Margaritaville Tequila - Drink recipes and links to the Margaritaville related sites. www.margaritavilletequila.com
Milagro Tequila - Leyenda del Milagro - Distillery: NOM 1420 - DOT 134, Industrializadora de Agave San Isidro. Made from 100% estate grown, blue agave, combined with a careful aging process.
MuchoTe Tequila - Premium reposado.
Mundo Cuervo - 75 Calle José Cuervo, Tequila. Phone: 52 (374) 742-2170. www.mundocuervo.com
Orendain - Jalisco, Mexico. www.tequila-orendain.com

Oro Azul Tequila - Oro Azul's award winning tequilas, Anejo, Reposado and Blanco, have been known for years in select circles as one of Mexico's finest tequilas. http://www.oroazultequila.com/
Oro de Jalisco - 100% Blue Agave Extra Premium Tequilas
Oro y Plata - NOM 1459 - DOT 173 - Distillery: Tequila Selecto de Amatitan, S.A. de C.V.
Para Mi Tequila - Produced only from 100% natural blue agave plants of Jalisco
Partida Tequila - Estate grown 100% Blue Agave Tequilas. US office: Partida Tequila, 4 San Joaquin Plaza, Suite 320, Newport Beach, CA 92660. www.partidatequila.com
Patrón Tequila - Premium tequilas - www.patronspirits.com
Penca Azul - NOM 1115 - DOT - Tequila Parreñita, S. A. de C. V. www.pencazul.com
Prodigio - NOM 1431 - DOT 144 - Distillery: Destiladora Los Magos, S.A. de C.V.
Pueblo Tapalpa - NOM 1109 - DOT 98 - Distillery: Tequila Arette de Jalisco S. A. de C. V.
Pueblo Viejo
- NOM 1103 - DOT 93 - Distillery: Tequila San Matias de Jalisco, SA CV
Puerto Vallarta - A brand name that is produced by two different companies. Frank-Lin Distillers Products, Ltd. in San Jose, CA and Tequila Orendain de Jalisco, S.A. de C.V.
Pura Sangra - NOM 1146 - DOT 102; Distillery: Tequileña, S. A. de C. V.; Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico
Pura Vida Tequila - NOM 1414 - DOT 129; Distillery: Fabrica El Ranchito Feliciano Vivanco y Asociados, S. A. de C. V., Tepatitlan, Arandas, Jalisco Mexico
Puro Verde Tequila - Distillery: Tequila Las Americas, S. A. de C. V.; NOM 1480 - DOT 204; Maria Guadalupe de Hernandez Loza, 45 Col. Obrera C.P. 45380. Amatitan, Jalisco; Region: Tepatitlan de Morelos, Jalisco.

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Tequila Brands - Names, Trademarks, Companies and Brands of Tequila - Page Three