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Tequila Arette - Premium Tequila

Produced in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Produced and bottled by Eduardo and Jaime Orendain, in the distillery “El Llano" in Tequila, Jalisco.

The name ARETTE, comes from a famous horse champion of jumping in the Olympic games of England in 1948. Mounted by Gen. Humberto Mariles, winner of the only double gold medal for Mexico in this discipline. Tequila ARETTE, The best of Tequilas.

Founded in 1900 by the Orendain family and located in the heart of the town of Tequila, Jalisco.
Fed by the waters that come from the volcano of Tequila. Reconstructed between years 1976 - 1978. Administered by Eduardo and Jaime Orendain since 1976.

Tequila Arette produces a Super Premium Tequila in limited production. Arette Tequila is smooth, yet full of character. The high quality of this tequila is due to the water originating from the volcano of Tequila.

Current Registerred Brands:
Agave De Oro, Arette, Arette Gran Clase, Arette Unique, El Gran Viejo, Express, Tres Agaves

tequila arette - tequila, jalisco

blue agave field - arette tequila, jalisco
view of the town of tequila, jalisco
entrance to fabrica de tequila el llano in downtown tequila
Arette Agave Fields
View of the town of Tequila
Fabrica de Tequila El Llano

arette añejo tequila
arette artesanal reposado tequila
arette gran clase añejo tequila
el gran viejo añejo tequila - aged 4 years
arette unique extra añejo tequila

Aged 14 to 18 months
Arette Artesanal
Suave Reposado
More than 8 months
Arette Gran Clase Extra-Añejo
More than 3 years
El Gran Viejo
Aged 4 years
Arette Unique
More than 6 years
Tequilas made from 100% blue agave.

Tequila Arette de Jalisco, S. A. de C. V.
Distillery El Llano
NOM 1109 - DOT 98
Silverio Nuñez No. 100, CP 46400,
Tequila, Jalisco

Tel: (374) 742-0246 | Tel: (374) 742-0719
Headquarters - Guadalajara

Av. La Paz, #2325, Col. Arcos Sur,
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Tel: 52-333-615-1646 | Tel: 52-333-615-0192

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Tequila Arette - Premium Tequila, produced in Jalisco, Mexico